Free Enterprise is a 3.5 DnD campaign for the Eberron setting that has been running for 2 1/2 years. It is my finest accomplishment as a game master, an author, and an actor. It is the greatest story I’ve ever told. And now with the help of my players, I hope to share it with some of you.

Campaign Mission Statement

My goal for this campaign has been to deliver a high powered, high fantasy, lvl 1-20 3.5 DnD experience with minimal class or racial restrictions.

Arc 1: Mazrael’s Will: Freedom and Destiny

Wherein our heroes begin to recognize the ties of destiny that bind them, as they are swept up into the machinations of the great and powerful. An aged Seer dies, and in so doing sets into motion one last vision. His is a plan so far reaching, so intricate, and of such dire and universal consequence as to be beyond the wildest imaginings of his chosen agents. Ultimately they quest for an artifact of terrible power, in an effort to reach it before it falls into deadly hands and thereby delay the agenda of an enemy they little understand.

Arc 2: Mazrael’s Contract: Balance of Power

Wherein our heroes begin to see the true scope and implications of the late Ison Mazrael’s machinations, and the contracts he had made, even as he died, with forces beyond all mortal scope. In recovering and destroying the Orb of Xoriat, they unlock greater knowledge of the war in which Mazrael was engaged and the allies and enemies he had made. Political upheavals reshape the world of Eberron and turmoil reaches even into the dealings of the gods themselves. Ultimately, our heroes must cast themselves into battle against the enemy’s most powerful tools on the mortal plane, one after another, until at last every nation across the whole of the world is embroiled in what seems a final battle against the living forces of darkness. The true stakes of Mazrael’s deadly game are revealed, his final contract is sealed, and an age of Eberron ends.

Arc 3: Mazrael’s Gift: Thanatopsis

In the aftermath of the great battle over the northeastern sea, the rage that boiled across the face of Eberron begins to subside, and the scars it has left behind are revealed. The political map is redrawn, vast reaches of Khorvaire have been laid to waste, and what remains of civilization finds itself stumbling forward in darkness, stripped of the Second Sight around which all cultures had grown since time immemorial. The Destroyer walks again upon the land. Eberron is a broken world, but it is a world ripe for a new beginning—if it can be freed from the pall of decay drawn over it by the enemy.

For that enemy still remains, and he will retreat into the shadows of time if he is allowed, to rebuild, and ages hence to bring his plans once again to fruition. Ultimately, our heroes must draw out Mazrael’s true foe and strike into the heart of chaos and despair once and for all time. Using the last gift of Mazrael—Thanatopsis, the Vision of Death—they must fulfill his last wish and cast down the very god of doom, or let the entirety of Eberron be consigned to a destiny of ruin.

It is the conclusion, wherein our heroes bring down one final battle upon the weary peoples of the world, for everything or nothing.

Free Enterprise

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