Elf Druid, family man, and Avatar of Death. Doesn't get much better than that.


One standard issue True Neutral Elf Druid, Charisma 8, approximately six feet tall, shaven-headed, dressed in leather and dead animals, and covered all over with the Syberis Mark of Death. (These things happen.)

Main powers: real-time level editing, dealing damage directly to the GM, and cheating


Crowning achievement: convincing a Deathless Elf Seer to reveal the formula for sacrificing all Deathless and all those with Second Sight, everywhere in existence, in order to attain Thanatopsis (the Vision of Death) and thereby know the means of killing anything, including outsiders and even gods; executing this genocidal formula in the midst of a losing battle with the Balor Ramirez, Immortal Avatar of Chaos; and using Thanatopsis to successfully cast Slay Living on Ramirez just in time to save his party-mates, who teleport out of the encounter as the Balor goes critical and Leyd is vaporized, taking Thanatopsis with him into the great beyond.

Second-most-crowning achievement: surviving the above.

Best uses of Druid Cheatery:

  • Given two blood-powered, scything, spell-casting, half-cultist/half-machine berserking monstrous automatons, and observing that the party has its hands full with one of them: using Spider Climb to climb up to the stone ceiling and Stone Shape to separate from that ceiling the largest single chunk of limestone his caster level will permit, directly over the second automaton.
  • After battling a collection of “geas”-ed Greater Air Elementals with his party until only one remained and chose to flee: unilaterally disregarding the DM’s intent to end the encounter. “The elemental flees.” Nothing can go faster than a full-grown air elemental, right? “I use Wind Walk to pursue.” Ah, apparently a Druid can. “The elemental dives for the forest and disappears.” “I Track it with my maxed Survival skill.” Stupid Druids. “You track the elemental to the edge of a murky lake.” “I assume tree form and wait as long as necessary.” Oh, come on! “Hours later, you observe a bubbling and roiling of mud which disturbs the surface.” “I summon four Large Air Elementals and then assume the form of an alligator gar to conduct a search pattern for clues. My elementals have standing orders to tackle the quarry.” Fine! “One of your swirling elementals uncovers the enemy elemental, which has buried itself. It flees for the surface.” “My elementals attempt to grapple and subdue the quarry.” All right, roll, roll, roll… success. “Success.” “Good. I order my elementals to interrogate the enemy elemental and determine who cast the geas on it.” “It gets out one word before the geas curse destroys it: Ramirez.” Now please go home so the rest of the party can play.


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