A roguish changeling disciple of the Traveler.


Primary talents: making up for an idiosyncratic and largely unoptimized skillset with the ability to lie like a dog, emulate the movement rate of a small horse, and possess the wealth-by-level rating of a Epic level character

Class Breakdown: Psi-Rogue 9, Cleric 6, Cabinet Trickster 3


Lv 1 – Deceitful

Lv 3 – Improved Initiative

Lv 6 – Persona Immersion

Lv 9 – Divine Vigor

Lv 12 – Domain Spontaneity (Trickery)

Lv 15 – Action Surge

Lv 18 – Divine Outlaw

CT2 – Quick Change


Undead and Evil Outsider Bane Morphing scimitar +3

Psychic Burst composite shortbow (Str 2) +1

Deep Crystal scimitar +1

Deep Crystal dagger

ARMOR (final AC – 25/22/15):

Mithralmist shirt

Darkwood buckler +1 w/ wand chamber (dorje of energy missile, ML 4)

Mithral dastana +1


Slotless – flametouched iron reliquary holy symbol

Head – Nemesis’s Mask (artifact item of disguise w/ permanent True Seeing effect, 60’)

Face – 3rd eye of sensing

Neck – medallion of thoughts

Shoulders/back – cloak of charisma (4 cha)

Torso – vestment of many styles

Body – mithralmist shirt

Belt – belt of giant’s strength (
4 str)



R finger – ring of protection +2

L finger – mazrael’s plot ring

Feet – boots of skating


Lv 1 – Conceal Thoughts

Lv 2 – Dimensional Pocket

Lv 3 – Defensive Precognition

Lv 5 – Psionic Tongues

Lv 6 – Thought Shield

Lv 7 – Animal Affinity

Lv 9 – Dimensional Slide




In her natural form, Pahn is a fairly average-looking female changeling with whispy shoulder-length hair, milk white and baby-fine, and large, somewhat bulbous white eyes. Once badly scarred and granted minor psionic abilities after barely escaping from the Mourning, she was recently healed through the power of the Unconquered Sun – removing her deformities and greatly improving her shapeshifting abilities.

Her public persona is that of Pahnatea, a willowy, brown-haired half-elf woman. This is the guise she took on to attend the Olympic Ball in Breland. Pahnatea was a club hostess under the employ of House Pharilan in the Cyran city of Seaside. She worked in a club near the artificers district that catered mainly to House Cannith employees.

The form Pahn normally reveals to people as her natural form is actually that of her late brother, Kevh. His resemblance to his sister is quite strong, and anyone familiar with her true appearance would probably notice the similarities. His own favored form was that of Brother Kevhan Carrabas, a tan, blonde half-elf cleric of the Soverign Host – an original identity that he adopted shortly after being ordained as an acolyte.


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